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How you eat, move, sleep, and think sets you up for success. This is well-rounded performance and wellness coaching so you can perform well in every part of life.

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Bring it all together

Body & Mind

  • Nutrition

    We cover nutrition and hydration for your highly functioning body *Combining the science of food tracking with adjustments for your day

  • Body Composition

    Changing your body composition to maximize your health and performance *Realistic approaches for lean body mass growth and body fat loss

  • Sleep

    Sleep coaching that is critical for your ongoing growth, development, and healing *Combining the science of sleep tracking with natural changes in your diet and lifestyle

  • Finding balance

    Stress management and recovery techniques necessary for you to overcome anything that comes your way *Finally master what it means to be productive

  • Mindset

    Ongoing mindset coaching so you can feel empowered with every decision you make *Setting goals and intentions that you know are in your hands


I'm a Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, with an emphasis in physical and mental performance and wellbeing.


Jen Hatz

I'm a licensed and registered dietitian with a Master's in nutrition, a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Master's in exercise physiology, and a background in psychology. I've spent the last decade working and studying across the field of health and wellness, specifically with athletes across all levels from collegiate, professional, Olympic, and tactical. I feel a strong moral obligation to truly protect athletes and highly functioning individuals, in both their physical and mental health. Future endeavors include progressing our knowledge and application of nutrition and lifestyle factors that address mental health decline, CTE progression, and neurodegeneration seen in collision sports and tactical performance, in pursuit of a PhD in neuroscience or related field.

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